Join as a pro

Join as a pro

Join the Team!

When you join as a pro on Owlo you're joining the team. We're here to help each other provide a great way for us all to interact, learn and share as well as support our clients.

It's free to join, though there are some paid features.

We've listed out some of the reasons for joining as a pro below.

Create an Advanced Profile

As a pro, you can create an advanced profile which acts like your own mini-website within Owlo.

You can add information about yourself or your business, add services, social links, prices, client testimonials and even add your own blog posts.

It's simple and easy to setup and requires no coding skills. The challenge is knowing what to write about yourself!

Create & Launch a website of your own

When you create your advanced profile Owlo automatically generates a website for you using the information you add to your profile.

As soon as you're ready you can access, view and edit your website.

If you like you can also publish it to your own free owlo sub-domain, or for a small fee, use your own domain.

No coding skills are required.

Join the Network!

When you've signed up and been approved as a Pro you get access to the Owlo Pro Network - where you can connect with other pro's, share chats, send messages and collaborate.

Record & share chats, join pro webinars, get feedback from other pro's and more.

Support Ask Owlo, get new clients

Ask Owlo is a free Q & A service that allows people to ask questions that are on their mind to the pro team. Any approved member of the pro team can answer, giving them exposure to new potential clients.

People coming to the site can ask questions anonymously, but once mutual connection is made, you can support them as a client and manage the whole process through Owlo.

Manage your clients through Owlo

You can use Owlo to manage your own business and clients.

You can add or create a virtual business through Owlo, create a website and add clients including collaborative, secure areas called 'client dashboards'.

You can then invite clients to sign-up and access their dashboard where they can book sessions, message you, where you can record and share session notes, get feedback on sessions and share documents and links.

Private messaging - internal email

You can send private messages in Owlo that never leave Owlo. These can be between anyone in your network.

That means you can maintain private message communications that require you both to be signed in to see them, ensuring sensitive information is not forwarded on through email or social media.

Set up client pricing, take payments set up subscriptions

Create pricing packages for your clients to pay for either as one-off payments or as recurring subscriptions.

All payments are managed through Owlo and paid to you in installments.

Create your own Podcast channel

With Owlo chats and Owlo sounds you can upload and share audio.

Whether you want to share guided meditations, coaching chats or just your own thoughts it's up to you!

Add these together to form an online radio show or podcast, all accessible from your Owlo profile and your Owlo website.

List your events, retreats, webinars, festivals!

If you've got a health & wellbeing related event, why not list it on Owlo?

Not only will your event have a home to share with others, but you'll benefit from it being seen by Owlo visitors.

Ready to Join as a Pro?

There's no catch. We're here to provide you with the tools you need to support your clients.

We make money when you're at the point where you're making money by using Owlo.

This is either when:

1) You want your website to be on your own domain

2) You're actively managing more than 10 clients

Either way there are no fees for the 1st month that you're using Owlo. So sign-up and join in.

We're a community developed service so we rely on your input and your feedback to improve the service. We're also new so looking forward to any suggestions you have.

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