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Hello Humans! I am a self explorer kinda girl. I have certain things up my sleeve and I call it lifestyle structuring. I believe that each one of us is unique, hence our lifestyles and body compositions are unique as well. So we can not have a universal rule to live a happy and fulfilling life. I believe in three pillars that play an important role in making us who we are- Mental, Physical and Spiritual pillars. Our well-being depends on the wellness of these pillars.

What you’ll be experiencing in my program is, how each of them is intertwined and support to make you the best version of you. Hence I call myself a Lifestyle Coach.

My journey began 10 years ago with Yoga, Fitness, Meditation and Spirituality. Then came the ride of hitting rock bottom with my Bipolar Disorder along which came Panic Disorder, OCD, Personality Disorder and the big D word Depression, I call them perks. I fought and thrived this battle to survive and to not give into it. You see I love life way too much to give up that easily. Now with all the combination of my knowledge and experience while helping myself and others for a better life, I have found a path that can be beneficial to everyone for a better life.

I am qualified with years of experience and learning, while I also have certifications to back them.

To mention a few- My mediation techniques come from the buddhist monks when I got to spent a lot of my time living with them and had opportunity to directly learn from them. My Yogic skill, comes from years of “Sadhana” which means self practise. I honed my nutrition knowledge by creating Ayurvedic routines and certifying as a nutrition coach. Whilst my background with psychology helps me understand human behaviour, training’s with NLP guided me with the sorcery of the mind.

Here at Owlo our goal is to be the one stop solution. Come explore what we have to offer and how can we help you achieve your desired outcomes.


Hi, I’m Neethi Poonacha founder of Shakthi Yoni and co-founder of T99fitness.

I’m on a mission to empower and create a vibrant living through the healing wisdom of Ayurveda,  and fitness. I am a passionate yogini, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda lifestyle coach and Yoni Health educator. I teach busy people simple and holistic ways to live vibrant, energetic and joyful lives.

If you desire a more balanced life, have lost your centre and are wondering what’s next, then you have arrived at the perfect place. I will guide you in discovering and creating a balanced life, support you to put an end to living between extremes, to

reconnect with yourself, your passion, open into your heart centre and live the life you dream of. Yoga is not boring it’s magical. 

Shakthi Yoni aims to explain the what, why and how’s of life with physical movement, meditation and NLP making the practice approachable to everyone, every level and of every walk of life. A solution-based program specially curated for women.


NLP Master Practioner and coach, 200 hrs Hatta Yoga Certified, RPYT Certified, Beginners study in Buddhism and currently perceiving Precision Nutrition Certification.


Physical Body

Tailored Yoga and fitness sessions to understand movements and body alignments. Dynamic and energising postures will cultivate strength and flexibility. Online sessions to give you the flexibility and control to keep up your routine and benefit of having me monitor your movements. 

Food body

An Ayurvedic and Nutrition Program designed to guide you on how to self heal and to develop a healthier lifestyle practice. Understanding the science of food and guide to minimal living.

Your body is unique and how your body responds to foods is also unique. With my knowledge in yoga and Ayurveda I will be first identifying your challenges and what not working for you. Then ill be calibrating and creating a food routine and educating you about nutrition and the importance of eating right for your body and mind. 

Brain Body

Mind and body alignment through Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra practice and some basic Buddhist principles of guided meditation.

Shakthi Yoni focuses on visiting the mind gym more as this has become a challenge in our stressful lifestyles. We have been facing the biggest challenges with our minds from a simple task of creating a goal and fulfilling it to maintaining relationships and most of our demons are depression, anxiety, anger and so on.

In this programme with my experience of working with clients with different mental health issues and my personal journey of mental health issues and in the quest of it, I have explored different tools. 

Yoni Health Educator

Main objective of my programme is women's health with all the above and more. With 7 years of experience in handling clients with PCOD, Infertility, Diastatic Recti, Umbilical Hernia, Prenatal and postnatal and other concerns on women's health.

I work with OBG to guide me on cases more complex.


A true coach and a very simple person. She understands me entirely before designing coaching and diet package. I feel very comfortable training with her. I train with her for 6 months and you will know what food and activity suit you and what does not. She helped me restructure my lifestyle from the basic routines of the morning and going to bed. She helped me from 96kgs to 70kgs in 6 months. She also worked with my medical reports and OBG to deal with health issues I had. Now I follow what she has educated me with and take here advice whenever I'm feeling stuck.

Lavanya Tiruvuru,Transformation client


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NLP Foundation

NLP Foundation


This NLP Foundation course will teach you about what NLP is and some of the principles that exist behind it. NLP is what you make of it. How come some people can take the same ingredients of life and end up making something completely different of it? It's a mix of having the right resources and also how we use those resources. . . . 

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner


This course will take you from Foundation level NLP to being an NLP Practitioner. This means that you will have the tools you need to practice NLP on yourself and with others. Go with the flow... Lesson's will contain a mix of experiences and theory (about 50/50). Since using NLP is something you do in practice, you will get a chance to try out what you learn. Lesson's are conducted as a 'Flow of experience' rather than by rote learning. For this reason, course theory notes are provided at the end of each lesson so that you can focus on being present rather than taking notes. Rise to the challenge! You will be encouraged to practice in-between lessons and will be set 'challenges' to complete. This is for two reasons: In order to allow you to put what you've learned into practice Your learning happens in real life rather than just in the classroom These challenges are reviewed by your course tutor and the feedback provided throughout the length of the course. Practical review stages We also have 'Practical experience reviews' along the way to check your progress and to tweak your skill before progressing further. By the time you get to the end of the course the theory you've learned and the experiences you've had will give you the confidence to practice NLP on your own. This course is available in multiple languages, depending on your course tutor. If you would like tuition in a language other than English please let us know when you get in touch. . . .